Program Development


Dr. Stroud has a strong history of providing outstanding program management. She has worked across many systems including preschools, special education, and mental health. In addition, Dr. Stroud has developed award-winning service delivery models and has received recognition from national associations such as the American Psychiatric Association. Below is a list of some of Dr.Stroud’s accomplishments on the administrative level. She can assist your agency in building programs to support the needs of the most vulnerable citizens through program consultation services.


Administrative Job History:


  • Director of an NAYCE Accredited Preschool
  • Director of a Non-public school for 1st thru 12th Grade
  • Developed and directed a Therapeutic Preschool Program
  • Managed a 0-5 Infant Mental Health Outpatient service delivery program within the structure of a MediCal billing system.
  • Created, Implemented and supervised a home-based attachment promotion program for at-risk families of children birth to three.
  • Infancy, Childhood And Relationship Enrichment (ICARE) Steering Committee Member – Los Angeles County Dept. of Mental Health (2000-2010) Assisted in defining minimum training standards for all birth to five providers in Los Angeles County
  • Implemented reflective practice supervision practices across the state of Alaska for Part C providers over a 4 year period
  • Multi-disciplinary Assessment Team (MAT) Steering Committee Member – Collaborative coordinating committee involving LA County DMH, LA County DCFS, and Mental Health Provider Agency (2006-2008)
  • Participated as a member of the California Infant and Early Childhood-Family Mental Health Training Guidelines Workgroup (2007-2008)
“I have had the great fortune to host and attend Dr. Stroud’s training on topics such as reflective supervision, cultural humility, social-emotional development, trauma-informed care, and infant mental health.  These topics have significantly assisted county-operated Head Start and Early Head Start program staff to understand evidence-based practices and the unique characteristics of the 0-5 population.  Additionally, these training sessions were extremely interesting and useful to attendees. Many of the agency staff have remarked on the powerful and lasting impact of these professional development opportunities for them both personally and professionally.  Finally, Dr. Stroud made the content accessible while presenting the material with expertise, care, and genuineness. What an honor it has been for me to work with Dr. Stroud at the county level.”
-Dr. Tony Wu, Ph.D., A.B.P.P.,

Board Certified Psychologist, , County Office of Education