Is It Possible To Measure a Relationship?

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The Need to Measure a Relationship

As the author of a recently published workbook in support of dyadic service providers, I have prepared this article to examine the purpose of the text “How to Measure a Relationship”

Workforce Development

As the field of Infant Mental Health continues to grow, there is an ongoing need for quality training for providers across multiple service delivery systems. Our knowledge of early brain development has pushed many service sectors towards investments in prevention, and increased referrals to services for children under three.  Service systems are creating increased linkages; one such example is the Child Protective Services (CPS) linking with Public Mental Health to recommend intervention for younger children.  As a result, mental health providers may be experiencing an increase in referrals of children birth to five.

January 13, 2013 Book Signing

From The Author

I wrote this book to support the often overburdened practitioner challenged with balancing the demands of documentation, productivity, and EBP’s. Too many provider agencies, in my experience, are without an onsite well trained Infant Mental Health supervising clinician. The need for quality Infant Mental Health services is growing. How to Measure a Relationship was designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice. This workbook is the necessary tool that allows the practitioner to apply attachment, development, and relationship to treatment planning, goal development and interventions.

- Barbara Stroud, P.h.D.