Dr. Stroud received her Ph.D. in Applied Developmental Psychology from Nova Southeastern University, and she has worked largely with children in urban communities with severe emotional disturbance.  Dr. Stroud’s professional career path has allowed her to work across service delivery silos supporting professionals in mental health, early intervention (part c), child welfare, early care and education, family court staff, primary care, and other arenas. She is highly regarded and has been a key player in the inception and implementation of cutting-edge service delivery to children Prenatal to five and their families; her innovative approaches have won national awards. More specifically, Dr. Stroud is a former preschool director, a non-public school administrator, director of infant mental health services and agency training coordinator. She has held an adjunct faculty position at California State Long Beach and maintained a faculty position in the Infant-Parent Mental Health Fellowship for 12 years. Currently, Dr. Stroud’s primary focus is professional training and private consultation from an anti-racist lens, with a focus on social justice, in the field of infant mental health. Dr. Stroud remains steadfast in her mission to ‘changing the world – one relationship at a time’.

Latest Books

Dr. Stroud has written an exciting new book that will enhance clinical practice for the birth to five provider community.

How to Measure a relationship is one of the first publications to systematically address the challenges practitioners experience using relationship-based models in publicly-funded programs.

Dr. Stroud has written a new exciting and informative book that can be bought on Amazon by clicking here:

“Dr. Stroud’s decades of experience brilliantly inform her training and writing.  She is not afraid to speak the truth about the changes our systems must make in order to better serve our society’s most vulnerable children and their families.”

– Mona Delahooke, Ph.D.,

Author of Beyond Behaviors